ZED-U Prealpha Released

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Hi everyone, Skyrider here. I’ll be in charge of posting the next few updates about the game for Aravind (the game’s lead designer). Yesterday, Aravind released the latest version of the game for public play, against the wishes of a few members of the team. Although it doesn’t matter anymore. We’ve entered a break period and have started the preproduction phase for Alpha. It’ll last a week and then Aravind will start working again. We will of course have discussions while Aravind is working, but the point of the break period is that discussion will be our main focus. Our ModDB page can be found via the link below, where you can download and play the current version of the game (until preproduction is over and Aravind get’s back to work). It requires no installation. Just download and play the game’s executable file.


EDIT: The date of when the break period ends has changed a few days ago to 27/9/2013 and I forgot to post that update here.

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