ZED-U Alpha Test slot openings [ClOSED]

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Hi, Skyrider here. As some of you know, Aravind released a playable version of the ZED-U yesterday. As some of you should also know, it was in the Prealpha phase. The team will stop developing the game for one week to make our main focus to have discussions about what to do in Alpha. Instead of it being a secondary focus. In preparation, we’re opening slots 30 sign up slots for people to get a chance to be one of our Alpha Testers. Only 20 people will be given access to privately released version of the game. Today at 4:00 PM in my timezone marks the opening of Alpha Test slots. Please, read this post made on our forum (by me) for more information.


4 Responses to “ZED-U Alpha Test slot openings [ClOSED]”

  1. mike Says:

    would really love test this game, have experience in these kind of things
    hope you choose me.

  2. Dylan Skyrider Says:

    Hi, Skyrider here. Well you see, to make the whole thing as fair as possible, you only get a chance. Unless you somehow managed to sway the team and make them love you, there isn’t really any way you can get a Test. But hey, odds are somewhat in your favor. I mean, 11 people won’t get to be a tester (well, it’s 10. I’m going to change the open slots to 20 because I’ve given up on having a nice round number of Alpha Testers), but there is 20 to 30 odds. Just go to the forum link I posted and read what it has to say.

  3. justyn Says:

    ill test the game if I am choosen ima real gamer I don’t just pick games for their ghrapics but their concept their controlling etc.

  4. Dylan Skyrider Says:

    Clearly, you didn’t read everything OR go to the forum page that I told you people to go to.


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