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Hi, Skyrider here (AKA Dylan-Skyrider). I’ve got a minor announcement. ZED-U has a new Facebook page which was made by none other than me. So now the people have a few resources for information and we have a few resources for advertising and gaining fans. We’ve got a blog for announcements and updates; a forum for communication, suggestions, ideas, and general stuff; a ModDB page and now a Facebook page.

The forum is helpful for community type stuff related to communication and information.

The blog is useful for announcements of more important types. My suggestion that we should delete the old forum, which is inactive, doesn’t belong on the blog.

The ModDB page is where we release the public downloads of the game and helps give us more fans.

The Facebook page helps get us more fans and notifies people of when we have an announcement. When something happens, I’ll post on the Facebook page that there’s something happening, summarize it, and give a link to the blog to read more.

Aravind’s channel is where all videos of the game are posted… I’m considering making a new YouTube account for the game. Instead of it being posted by the lead game designer on his channel, they can be posted by anyone on the Dev team for a channel specifically for the game itself.

Sorry for the wait. Here’s our Facebook page:

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