Recently, when I read the book

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Recently, when I read the book

Postby ylq » Tue Feb 12, 2019 7:51 am

Recently, when I read the book, I accidentally read Ba Jin��s "Re-Terminal" article. I saw the warm scene of my grandparents and grandchildren. I couldn��t help but remember the time when I was with my grandmotherave lived with my grandmother from birth until I went to kindergarten. I am very dependent on her. She also loves me very much. I used to live with my grandmother in my hometown. It was like a paradise for me. Fresh air, beautiful nature, no city shackles, no urban constraints. There is a small river inpring, there are green leaves in the rice fields. There are many small fish in the river. Whenever the grandmother washes the dishes, I always lick the rice, then put the rice into the river, and immediately squadrons. The little fish, like the "hungry wolf", pounce on the only grain rice. I will always look at the fish in the river to see which one is the biggest, and the one that is the most powerfule summer, the rice fields are lush, and from the distance, the green and blue sky seem to be connected together. In the evening, my grandmother and I are enjoying the cold under the big trees by the river. I hold a big watermelon in my hand. I bite a big bite. Then, the mouth spit the watermelon like a machine gun. Grandma smiled and said, "You are really skilled!" We all laughed after we finished.autumn, the fiery red maple leaves floated into the water, and it was a season of harvest. Grandma harvested rice in the rice fields. I took these two ears of wheat and played happily.the winter, the rice fields became bare and lifeless, and the river was not as warm as usual. It added a seriousness. I couldn't see the small fish swimming and not seeing the water. One day, I wore heavy clothes and wrapped myself tightly. It was the coldest day of the year. I carefully walked over to the river and saw a thick layer of ice on it. The heart gave birth to a "evil", I tried to run on the ground, I also tried to swim in the water, but I have never walked on the ice! "Children, I don't stop you from playing by the river, but you must remember that you can't get into the water. What can you do if something goes wrong?" A voice rang from my ear. How to do? Grandma told me that I must not enter the water, I should not listen to her. But the heart is really very eager to go to the ice. So I pressed the ice and found no signs of looseness. I thought: Although my grandmother said that I can't get into the water, but the ice is very strong. I walked on it like walking on the ground. It should be fine. I saw that I had stepped on the spores, putting one foot on the ice and then the other. Nothing to call! I began to feel at ease. I took a few steps on it and found that the ice was not abnormal. So another "evil" came in. I saw on the TV that those people were taxiing at the ice, it seemed to be very fun, just like me. Now I have a chance to touch the ice, I will also try it.slipped from the river bank to the opposite side of the river, so cool! I slipped and slipped again and again Order Malboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa. "ž" I disappeared from the river, and I saw an ice hole that broke the original calm river. My mind is gradually slowing down the factory, and the bureau is surrounded by silence Ciggarettes Marlbore Reds 100 Online. I can only hear the sound of the water faintly. When I am about to enter this icy river, a warm voice wakes me up: "Don't be afraid! I am there. "This voice pulled me back from the cold, and after returning to the shore, I greedily breathe how precious the air was to me in the previous second." Later, I realized that my grandmother just came back to the riverbank and saw that I was playing on it. I just wanted to stop me. I just fell down, so I dropped the basket and went straight to the river to save me. Because of this Free Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes, my grandmother still It was awkward to get into the cold, but I was safe and sound. After I recovered, I said, "Sorry, Grandma, I should not listen to you, I am wrong." When I think she will criticize and accuse me Marlboro Red 100S Cigarettes Online, she said: "There is no heaven, remember later. Just fine, I am also wrong with this matter. I am not teaching you well. Children, remember that you should not be afraid of whatever happens. As long as I am, I will do my best to protect you." My tears are "squeaky" Flowing down the meter, Xiaoyi is the shock that has just been received Newport Cigarette For Sale, and more is still my grandmother's unlimited tolerance and the phrase "Don't be afraid! I am here!"
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