Grandma��s family has a lively and

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Grandma��s family has a lively and

Postby ylq » Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:57 am

Grandma��s family has a lively and lovely kitten Marlboro Gold Pack. It was white and white, without a bit of variegation, looking from afar, it was like a silvery white snowball rolling around on the ground head is round and vertical with a pair of pointed little ears; the big eyes are always sewed into a seam during the day, but in the night, it is like two shining gems, emitting a faint blue lithe kitten is always lazy, and it is not too slow to walk, no sound. However, if you catch the mouse, its movements are very gracious, just like lightninwindow was not closed and I got into a mouse. This abominable mouse can be a bad thing for my family. It bitten the rusks and walnuts that the mother had cooled in the study, and also bit a big hole in the der to catch the mouse, the mother borrowed a mouse clip and put a lot of rat poison in the place where the mouse might be active. However, these don't work, and the sly mice are still arrogant in our homes. No way, my mother had to go to the gran just arrived at my house, it seems a bit afraid of life, "����" straight call. I fed it a piece of pork liver, and my mother gave it a warm bath, and it slowly became familiar with us. At this time, I took it into the kitchen, touched its head and said to it, "Good cat, you are going to give us a mouse today. If you catch the abominable mouse, I will reward you Wholesale Cigarettes. The little fish eats." The kitten wanted to understand my words Newport Cigarettes Website, lictten is still real. You see, it seems to be a "big detective", first "reconnaissance" in the size of my room, and then I wake up at the door of my kitchen. I think the mouse may be hiding in the kitchen; can the kitten sleep, how can I catch the mouse? Mom said: "Don't watch the kitten sleeping, its ears are spiring. As soon as the mouse has a little movementot expected by my mother, the next morning, I have not got up yet, my mother shouted at the kitchen: "Li Bin, come see, the kitten caught the mouse!" I rolled over and got out of bed Marlboro Red 100S, come Look at the kitchen, wow! A mouse was eaten by a kitten with only one head andime, I could not help but admire the kitten Marlboro Cigarettes. Thinking of yesterday's promise to the kitten, I hurriedly opened the refrigerator, took out a small fish, and threw the kitten away. The kitten grabbed the small fish, set it aside, and yelled at me twice, as if to say, "Thank you! Eat today, eat fish tomorrow!"
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