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It's a neat 3D anime about action, monsters and a kind of magic called "Dust".

Here's some extra stuff. All by CDanielART
Intro song Extended:
Ruby's Theme Extended:
Weiss's Theme Extended:
Blake's Theme Extended:
And... well... I don't know how to put this. But it's sort of the last character(Yang)'s theme. But her theme just seems to be 50% ruby's theme, 1 - 2 minutes of everyone else's song and then finally, Yang's song.

If it isn't obvious, the first letter of everyone's name spells out "RWBY". And each character has their own color which also corresponds to the the first letters of their name.
Ruby: Red
Weiss: White
Blake: Black
Yang: Yellow

Anyway, check out the first link. The show is posted on RoosterTeeth's website and they're posted on the website, before they're posted on RoosterTeeth's YouTube channel.
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