TERA is still completely worth trying

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TERA is still completely worth trying

Postby Mmoak2018 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:41 am

The same holds for NPC tags, since they're clearly conveyed, making pursuit turn-ins a cinch. While menus are nicely done, most of the other onscreen text when you are not participating in menus appears cluttered, and pursuit items are archaically connected to menus when additional games (like Final Fantasy XIV connect them to switch presses).

TERA still doesn't have authentic mid to end game onboarding which is a true pity for incoming new players since they'll have to trust the kindness of strangers or outside forums to learn their appropriate skill rotations. This isn't unique to the MMO genre whatsoever as nearly every game forces you to try it, and having trekked through MMO menus since Ultima Online I'm set. TERA is not nearly as complicated as most of the Tera Gold games out there -- but you'd think there would be some concerted effort to tote the console audience.

In terms of how TERA has evolved over time (and if it's well worth picking up again for those who quit ages ago): it has gotten markedly better in certain ways, but stayed stagnant in others. Like most of MMOs it finally got flying mounts and mining opened up a bit more, but its entire world is much smaller than it sounds. That world, head, is largely stable on consoles, since the sole major performance issues I ran into occurred in heart cities.

Experience gains and questing have been substituted to allow a better leveling encounter, but Bluehole never really figured out how to build a rewarding endgame -- largely relegating into a (gigantic) dungeon mill or (the woefully neglected) PVP battlegrounds. Regrettably, the console versions don't have ninja, gunner (my favorite), or valkyrie classes available at their launch: significance, they'll be balanced separately from the up-to-date PC build.

Despite these nitpicks which are unique to the console variants, TERA is still completely worth trying out in the event that you've never delved into it before. It is something that I plan on sticking with on the side rather than as a main course, but those of you who are chowing down TERA should probably stay with the PC version.
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