Canada Day Parade held in Vancouver

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Canada Day Parade held in Vancouver

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The name Golf is believed by many to stand for "Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden" and while that makes for a good pretext to leave the wife or girlfriend behind, there is no truth to this belief. It is probable that the name "Golf" may have been derived from the old Scots verb "to gowff" meaning to strike hard. Another idea is that "Golf" was a Dutch game called "het kolven". Early golf balls were wooden and these continued even though hand-made leather balls filled with feathers appeared. In America in the early 1900's balls made of tensioned rubber thread were introduced and though originally there was antagonism, after the winner of the Open Championship used them in 1902 common golfers became more flexible. What ever the truth may be the game or "experiment" of golf has to be the most frustrating need on the globe. Whether your like myself and were introduced to the game by a parental figure or not, we most likely began the same way. We found or rented a club and balls and practiced thoroughly to learn the "KNACK" of hitting golf balls in line. After an amount of time and exercise it is decided that our new found talent should be tested by a course close to your home. So we pack up our golf stuff and we set out to test our proficiency at this new game of skill we have learned. From the very first try at teeing off it seemed like a hopeless pursuit this game of golf#1# but then whether by destiny or by talent the tee shot on the 13th hole a 170'ish yard par 3 leaves the tee box straight and true it's flight through the air seems to be in slow motion as you gaze at it's trajectory toward the green. You hear the gasp and the silence of your golf troupe as they too are awestruck by the balls flight. You glance at the flag standing in the object hole of your shot, busying yourself with futile wind and motion calculations in the hope that your shot will land directly in the aforementioned hole. The upheaval from your group increases as the ball gets closer and closer to the green, landing front right and rolling to within 18 inches of the cup! You and your friends get the interest of every other golfer on the surrounding holes as one and all comments and hi-fives the event! It's now too late for you#2# the obsession has been seeded. From now on your passion on the course will be trying to re-live that moment again and again by improving your game. You're addicted to golf, there is no recovery. You find yourself watching the PGA tournaments trying to pick up on the ever evading clues to the complete golf swing. Only to play a round later to find out that not anything has changed in your swing. You can't afford to take high priced lessons from a pro, you've read every book you can find on the perfect golf swing but you can't seem to absorb the skills mandatory to consistently drive the golf ball where you want it to go. The overwhelming majority of information I read and viewed described squaring the club as "the natural result" of good swing mechanics and fundamentals. My reply#3# "There is nothing natural about it." What I needed to find was a yellow and black paperback volume named "Golf for Dummies"! Needless to say this text eluded me. After years of probing, listening to tips and trying new approaches I discovered that the largest problem with my golf swing was "not squaring the club" at impact. Then I found the solution. Golf instruction made easy, your how to guide to better ball striking

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KIEV#4# July 3 (Xinhua) -- Ukraine's shadow economy decreased by 6 percentage points to 34 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016 amid an overall recovery, the Economic Development and Trade Ministry said on Monday.

The restoration of the economic growth and the slowdown in inflation were the main factors that hit the underground economy, the ministry said in a statement.

Among other aspects that contributed to the decrease#5# the ministry listed the improvement of the business environment and the reduction of the payroll tax.

The banking crisis, tensions with Russia and the conflict in eastern regions are the key imbalances that still contribute to the development of the informal economy, the ministry said.

Ukraine's shadow economy has been contracting since 2014#6# when it stood at 42 percent of the GDP, its highest level in nearly a decade.

Chinese aircraft carrier formation conducts trans-regional training

Water level in Changsha section of Xiangjiang River reaches record high

Central China's Guiyang hit by rain-triggered flood

2017 Canada Day Parade held in Vancouver

Weekly choices of Xinhua photo

In pics: sea of vervain in terraced fields in E China

Fireworks show held to mark HK's 20th return anniversary

Water level of Ganjiang River rises due to lasting rainstorm

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